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We rely on cooperation and close collaboration with strong partners to jointly create a better future for all.

Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH

Since early 2023, we have had a close, strategic partnership with the long-established German company and market leader in heating technology, which continues to this day. Bosch Thermotechnology has officially added ecocoach's energy management solution and stationary battery storage systems to the sales portfolio of its Buderus brand to be able to offer integrated energy solutions around its own products. Our products are offered in 54 branches in Germany and, since 2024, also in Luxembourg for commercial and municipal applications.

e.battery systems AG

This top Austrian partner has been developing, manufacturing and selling batteries for over 20 years. We have been working very closely with this innovative company since it began developing solutions for second-life battery storage. Customers of e.bs always receive ecocoach energy management with all BESS, which upgrades the storage solutions to an energy centre. Thanks to the many joint projects, the e.bs team has extensive and very professional expertise in ecocoach solutions. We also recommend the Austrian company's indoor and outdoor solutions to our customers with high capacity requirements.

STABL Energy GmbH

We began working closely with the Munich-based specialist for second-life battery storage systems in 2022. STABL's expertise can be found in its own inverter solution for used vehicle batteries, which is optimally designed for a second life cycle in a stationary battery storage system. The ecocoach energy management system is closely linked to the STABL inverter and battery management system through intensive development cooperation so that STABL customers can fully utilise the ecocoach solutions. In turn, our customers and partners benefit from the fact that they can fall back on STABL solutions if they have high capacity requirements of up to several megawatt hours.


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