ecoEnergyCoach for Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural Buildings

Energy Management System for Professionals

  • Optimally manage energy systems & reduce costs

    Comprehensive, cross-sector monitoring for system optimization

  • Simply plan, operate & renew energy systems 

    Manufacturer- and technology-open, flexibly expandable solutione

  • Efficiently implement simple & complex systems with standards

    Commission measurement technology, battery storage, PV systems, combined heat and power plants and charging infrastructure quickly and efficiently

The one-stop product platform for ambitious energy concepts

The growing demand for efficient energy utilisation and increasing sustainability awareness require intelligent control of building systems. The ecoEnergyCoach energy management system offers the right solution for apartment blocks, commercial and agricultural enterprises, and the management of entire sites. It integrates all technical building components across all sectors and controls energy consumption using dynamic parameters. The digitalised platform simplifies complex projects, optimises operations, reduces system costs and increases daily comfort for building users.

The solution for energy professionals

Installers and system integrators are increasingly realising holistic energy solutions but are confronted with highly fragmented markets for energy and building technology. As a unique modular product system, ecocoach's energy management system (EMS) integrates the different requirements of multiple trades, energy sources, and technologies into coherent overall systems. It digitalises and automates the process from commissioning to daily use.

  • EMS hardware in industrial quality
  • EMS software for intuitive and guided commissioning without programming knowledge
  • Integration of all relevant energy technology components - from the meter to the CHP unit
  • Remote monitoring and optimisation of customer systems via app and PC
  • Display of all energy data in real-time and historically
  • Static, dynamic and self-learning operating modes for load and charging management, self-consumption optimisation, peak load capping and building automation

Programming-free Commissioning

Intuitive configuration and commissioning using function blocks; no programming knowledge required

Open Technology Library

Integration of all standard energy and building technology components in a growing library

Industrial Quality

The software complies with international standards, and hardware components from globally established manufacturers

Sector Coupling

Combination of energy management with combined heat and power plants, heat pumps, hot water generation, heat/electricity metering


Combination of all operating modes from self-consumption to power control for maximum cost control and efficiency

Live KPI Calculation

Real-time visualisation of important key figures such as self-consumption share, comparison with the previous year, consumption coverage, etc.

Local Data Storage

Local data storage, even during Internet interruptions


Online access to all projects for monitoring, analysis and configuration


Notifications in the event of deviations from defined threshold values, with individual authorisations and a logbook for historical alarms


Option to update the software and firmware for the control unit, end-user app and integrated end devices

Remote maintenance

Remote access for maintenance work with functions such as restart and audit log for usage history and restores

Sector Coupling Electricity, Heat & Mobility

Integrate your energy technology into a single system. Control consumers such as the heating or boiler and link them intelligently with the energy generators.

Self-Consumption Optimisation

In the self-consumption optimisation operating mode, self-generated electricity is maximised. As a result, only a small amount of electricity is drawn from the grid or fed into the grid. Consumers are switched on or off according to defined priorities. If an ecocoach battery storage system is added to the energy management system, self-consumption can be increased.

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Optimum Control of Large Consumers

In commercial and industrial operations, large consumers in simultaneous use cause considerable load peaks. Thanks to the peak load capping operating mode, power-intensive processes are distributed throughout the day wherever possible. If electricity demand is too high, consumers are reduced or switched off based on their priority. This reduces consumption-intensive periods and prevents additional costs.

Monitoring & consumption recording

With the ecoEnergyCoach, you can continuously monitor energy flows. The energy management system measures the controlled electricity, water, and heat consumption in real-time and displays it graphically in an app. Cloud-based data collection allows you to monitor the entire building and the integrated consumers via the app or in the browser, such as charging stations or heat pumps. The consumption data can be exported in CSV format for billing interfaces.

ZEV - Own Consumption

The energy management system is supplied in a completely ready-to-connect and pre-wired box. The integrated PLC control system can be expanded as required in terms of interface cards, so that everything from small buildings to complex areas can be mapped. We supply the hardware pre-configured for easy commissioning.

Technical Data

Housing (WxHxD)



approx. 23 kg (depending on equipment)

Housing material

Sheet steel


Black blue (RAL 5004)

Power consumption

max. 240 W

Power supply

230 V AC

Type of net


Operating voltage

24 V DC (control unit)

12 V DC (ecoFirewall)

Operating temperature

min. -10 °C; max. +55 °C

Relative humidity

max. 95 %, non-condensing 


Wall mounting

Installation site

Indoor area

Type of protection

IP 54B

Protection class

Protection class I

  • Ethernet
  • Modbus TCP 
  • Modbus UDP 


  • Modbus RTU 
  • 0-10 V signal (analogue output) 
  • PT 1000 input, 4-channel 
  • Digital input 8-channel
  • Digital output 24 V DC, 8-channel
  • Potential-free contact / SG-ready, 2-channel
  • M-Bus; rated current: max. 40 standard loads with 1.5 mA each (per interface card)
Norms and guidelines
  • CE

  • Minergie module monitoring (minimum requirements for obtaining a Minergie certificate for buildings > 2000 m² and Minergie-A buildings) Indoor area


Housing incl. all pre-wired components

The energy management software is pre-installed together with the hardware. As soon as the online connection is established, the system is ready to be configured, parameterised and commissioned. On request, you can receive support from an ecocoach specialist or certified partner. The extensive software suite is constantly being expanded and optimised so that you can continue to use the latest producers, consumers and optimisation options in the future. 

Software overview

  • Monitoring and consumption recording

  • Self-consumption optimisation

  • Peak load capping

  • Dynamic load management

  • Dynamic charging management of AC and DC charging stations

  • Grid replacement / emergency power supply

  • Off-grid / island grid operation

  • Combination for own consumption (ZEV) and tenant electricity

  • Comprehensive authorisation management 

Advanced functions
  • Data export via CSV and API

  • Multi-level load and charging management via several sub-distributions

  • AI optimisation (cooming soon)

  • Control market connection (cooming soon)

  • Flexibility marketing (cooming soon)

Compatibility - Producer
  • Battery storage

  • Photovoltaics (active control only in stand-alone grid operation)

  • CHP

  • Hydroelectric power station (on request)

  • Wind turbine (on request)

Compatibility - Consumer
  • E-mobility charging stations (AC and DC)

  • Heat pump (SG-ready)

  • Heating inserts / electric boilers

  • Ventilation / cooling (on request)

  • Building automation (on request)

Provide a complete overview of integrated devices and manufacturers according to the compatibility list. Further devices on request.

Compatibility - Counter
  • Energy meter

  • Water meter (cold or hot water)

  • Heat meter

Provide a complete overview of integrated devices and manufacturers according to the compatibility list. Further devices on request.

Platform levels
  • Monitoring and control

  • Project management

  • Commissioning

  • User administration

  • Billing

Software standard

In-house development

Visualisation and control

Via the ecocoach app (browser and mobile)


Guaranteed availability > 99.9 %

Update capability


The ecocoach app

The ecocoach app is your direct and intuitive connection to your ecocoach energy management system. Wherever you are, you can use our app to control building technology components, activate charging stations and access your consumption data anytime.

Try it out now with demo projects!

ecocoach energy management in action

Projects from practice

Charging management

Electric lorry in action: Fast charging on a rubbish collection tour

The REAL association of municipalities operates the largest electric refuse collection fleet in Central Switzerland with a focus on efficient charging and load management for a prioritised supply mandate.
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Electric lorry in action: Fast charging on a rubbish collection tour

Sustainable timber construction with PV, battery storage and energy management

Operating a cheese dairy sustainably & safely with battery storage, PV and energy management

 Public fast-charging park Freiburg

Turnkey e-mobility charging solution

Agricultural business saves energy costs with battery storage

Cross-area control of energy, e-mobility & smart home

All-in-one: battery storage, energy management and automation from a single source

Optimising a substation's own requirements

Flussansicht mit Wasserwerk der Überbauung "am Aawasser" mit ecocoach AG

Independent, CO2-neutral and renewable energy supply

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