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We present the latest generation of Battery Storage Systems for Professional Applications

ecoBatteryHub – The all-rounder among Storage Systems

  • One for all: self-consumption, load management, peak load capping & grid replacement

    Expand your energy supply sustainably, independently and safely

  • Modular, scalable industrial quality for professional systems

    From 26-390 kWh capacity, 16-150 kVA output, three-phase with integrated inverter and real emergency power

  • Swiss energy management for an overall intelligent building solution

    Optional connection: PV systems, combined heat and power plants, heat pumps, water treatment, electromobility, meters, etc.

  • Commissioning, optimisation, adjustment & monitoring via PC, tablet & smartphone

    Intuitive software for installers, operations management, property management and end users

More than a Battery for Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Agricultural Applications

The ecoBatteryHub is both an electricity storage system and an energy centre. It is one of the few battery systems on the market that combines all relevant applications:

Self-consumption optimisation, load management, peak load capping and genuine 3-phase grid replacement in the event of a power failure or blackout.. This makes the storage system an ideal choice for large single-family homes with high power requirements, multi-family properties, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as entire building complexes and farms.

The ecoBatteryHub is flexibly scalable

The battery storage system can be expanded in steps of 6.5 kWh from 26 to 390 kWh capacity.

1 System: 26 to 65 kWh
2 Systems: 71.5 to 130 kWh
3 Systems: 136.5 to 195 kWh
4 Systems: 201.5 to 260 kWh
5 Systems: 266.5 to 325 kWh
6 Systems: 331.5 to 390 kWh

Simple Project Management & Customer Support


Simple project planning based on defined parameters and interfaces


Insert and connect pre-assembled hardware modules


Set all parameters with the step-by-step software

Operation & Maintenance

Offer remote monitoring & maintenance on customer request

Intelligent management of kilowatt hours

The ecoEnergyCoach energy management system (EMS) integrated into the battery storage system covers not only the electrical side but also harmonises all components for heat, water, and gas, for example, across all sectors. The holistic design of the energy infrastructure ensures economical, safe, and sustainable operation.

The system enables intuitively guided commissioning for installers and solar technicians. Operational management and property managers can carry out optimisations and read billing data. End users can view all their monitoring data via the app and easily authorise charging stations for e-vehicles.

  • Design, install, operate and optimise systems across all sectors
  • Integrate PV, CHP, heating technology, charging infrastructure, lighting, shading and much more
  • Digitise the operational management of energy and building technology
  • Future-proof investments through technological openness

Peak Load Capping

Regulation to maximum total output

Load Management

Regulation to the maximum current per phase

Emergency Power

Construction of building network and short-term supply with stored battery capacity

3-Phase Grid Replacement

Construction of building grid & activation of existing generators (PV, CHP, etc.) for building supply


Combination of self-consumption optimisation, peak load capping, load management and/or emergency power

Stepless Energy Management

Fine-tuned control of consumers to precisely set the power currently being used

Energy Management

Control of defined power levels or on/off control of consumers

Synchronising Generators

Activation/deactivation and power control of PV, CHP and other generators in backup power mode

«Our commercial and industrial customers are delighted with the joint system solutions from Buderus and ecocoach, in addition to our own very strong portfolio of heat pumps, hybrid systems, PV systems, CHP units and the like. We are also successfull in electrification with innovative energy management and efficient battery storage systems from ecocoach.
ecocoach is a stron partner for us!»

Volker Winter, Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, Buderus (GER)

«The overall platform of ecocoach AG is unique on the market, especially in the area of site networks. The integration was seamless, and I can confidently recommend ecocoach for commercial projects.»

Stefan Baumann, KOCH AG (CH)

Technical Data ecoBatteryHub

Basic specifications

Integrated battery inverter, energy management, preparation for external NA protection, residual current protection

Areas of application

Self-consumption optimisation, peak load capping, load management per phase, electromobility charging management, emergency power supply operation and monitoring

System topology

AC-coupled battery storage system

Scalability (cascading)

Primary and secondary function for up to six systems with a total of 390 kWh.
More on request.

Interfaces for energy management and
Electromobility according to compatibility list
  • SG ready
  • Potential-free, digital inputs and outputs
  • M-Bus
  • RS485
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU
Nominal voltage

400 V AC (3L, N, PE), 50 Hz

Nominal current

37 A

Protection of the supply line

50 A

Battery capacity

Min. 4, max. 10 battery modules, capacity of 6.5 kWh gross each, total capacity max. 65 kWh gross

Storage technology

Cell type lithium-ion (NMC), voltage ecoBatteryUnit nominal 59.6 volts DC x number of battery modules, modules comply with UL1973, IEC 62619 and UN38.3 standards

Charging and discharging power inverter

up to 25 kVA, overload capacity 150 % (1 min.) or 120 % (10 min.)

Inverter efficiency

Max. 93 %

Cooling principle

Air cooled

Protection class


Ambient temperature

5 °C to 35 °C, optimum 23 °C, humidity 5 % to 80 % (non-condensing)

Degree of soiling


Installation height

Max. 2000 m NN

Dimensions (BxHxT)

ecoPowerUnit: 55 x 100 x 60 cm
ecoBatteryUnit: 55 x 160 x 60 cm


ecoPowerUnit: 90 kg
ecoBatteryUnit: Empty rack weight 125 kg max., 41 kg additional per module

Sound emission level
(1m distance from the housing)

< 70 dB(A)

Standards and guidelines

CE | IEC 62477-1:2012 + A1:2016 | IEC 62619 | VDE-AR-E 2510-50:2017 | VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-11 | TOR generator type A | OVE guideline R 25:2020 | EN 61000-6-2:2019 | EN 61000-6-4:2019 | DIN EN IEC 62040-2:2019-04

FAQs - Frequently asked questions

Yes, the current and new storage systems can be combined. Existing and new battery cabinets can be interconnected, whereby the battery modules differ.

For battery systems with the grid replacement function, please note that a maximum of 24 kW of power is available for a few seconds when setting up the stand-alone grid. After the storage systems are synchronised, the full power can be used.

Transportability and installation in the building are significantly simplified due to the lower mass and weight.

The installation of battery modules in a separate battery rack is easier.

The separate control unit can also be used by other battery manufacturers. This means that we can also fulfil customer requests for other battery modules.

Yes, a storage system can be expanded with up to 10 modules, giving it a total capacity of 65 kWh. The storage units can be cascaded, allowing up to 390 kWh capacity with 6 battery cabinets and control units.

When extending battery modules within a battery cabinet, the SOH (State of Health) of the already used modules must be considered, or the SOH of the already used and new modules should be similar. Therefore, we recommend that these expansions be carried out within the first year and are only permitted for a maximum of three years.

Yes, this is possible at any time.

Depending on the country, there are different regulations for testing electrical systems, which must generally be observed. We have compiled an overview of this, which our partners can obtain from our sales department. Furthermore, the system is to be considered maintenance-free.

Yes, there are function and security updates, but no upgrades.




Battery storage and energy management in use by our customers

Energy management, Battery storage

Sustainable timber construction with PV, battery storage and energy management

KOCH AG and the associated catering business Linde produce sustainably with the battery storage and energy management system from ecocoach.
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Sustainable timber construction with PV, battery storage and energy management

Operating a cheese dairy sustainably & safely with battery storage, PV and energy management

Agricultural business saves energy costs with battery storage

All-in-one: battery storage, energy management and automation from a single source

Optimising a substation's own requirements

Flussansicht mit Wasserwerk der Überbauung "am Aawasser" mit ecocoach AG

Independent, CO2-neutral and renewable energy supply

Überbauung und Photovoltaikanlage Mättivor mit ecocoach AG

Well thought-out energy efficiency: the neighbourhood of tomorrow

Frontalansicht der Überbauung Bättigmatt mit ecocoach AG

An apartment block with maximum energy self-sufficiency

Are you looking for information on the previous battery storage system?

The good news is that our two battery storage systems are compatible.
The previous system is available until the end of 2024, as long as stocks last. You can find important information about the ecoBatterySystem here.

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