Our Technology Partners

Official BECKHOFF Solution Partner

For the construction of our building control systems, we rely on hardware from Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG. Our partnership-based approach to digitalisation is unique on the market. The durable components from Beckhoff are characterised by maximum speed. With the ecoSetupTool, we also provide installation professionals with the means to integrate automation components into buildings without programming knowledge and using a graphical user interface. The advantages are apparent: immediate operational readiness, industry-standard controls and maximum cost control. End-to-end encryption secures communication, all data and access to the application. This allows our installation partners to have standardised and scalable project management. Whether for detached houses, apartment blocks or complexes with over a hundred residential units. The downward compatibility of Beckhoff technology combined with a 15-year delivery guarantee for older components ensures the project's long-term success.


WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

WAGO is our supplier of electrical connection and automation technology. The company, based in Minden, Germany, has been combining the art of engineering with a high level of innovation for more than 60 years. A reliable technology partner whose products and comprehensive solutions we can rely on.


Studer Innotec SA

Studer is more than just a surname. Industry insiders know that the company stands for true Swiss values: innovation, quality, and reliability. In Sion, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the company develops and produces sustainable, certified inverters, battery charge controllers, and MPPT solar charge controllers.

TRUMPF Hüttinger

TRUMPF Hüttinger GmbH + Co. KG

Hüttinger has been TRUMPF since 1990. The company's newly developed inverters complement our battery systems perfectly. They are modular and efficient and favour stand-alone grid capability. No wonder we rely on TRUMPF Hüttinger as a remarkably flexible and innovative company with a long tradition.

Durot Electric

Durot Electric GmbH

As a contract developer and solution provider, Durot Electric supports the customers of our ecovolta brand in the electrification of vehicles and machines. To this end, the company contributes unique engineering expertise to projects and products. In this way, the top contract developers contribute to sustainable mobility free from fossil fuels.


Weidmüller Mobility Concepts

In e-mobility, we offer intelligent wall boxes that work perfectly with ecocoach's charging and load management systems. Our wall boxes with an attractive design and customisable design panels can be used as an advertising opportunity for your company in visitor and employee car parks.

Rehl Energy

Rehl Energie GmbH

Rehl Energy stands for innovative and independent services and sustainable values in renewable energies. Rehl Energy GmbH is characterised by high qualifications, professional competence, and commitment. We support you in all areas of renewable energies and beyond—challenge us!


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Benjamin Friedrich, CEO


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