Lademanagement & Elektromobilität einfach gemacht mit dem ecoChargingCoach von ecocoach AG


Dynamic Charging Management for Professionals

ecoChargingCoach – the Charging Management

The ecoChargingCoach controls charging stations for electric vehicles without overloading your grid connection. In underground garages, outdoor parking lots, or around your office. Load management ideally distributes the available charging power to the charging points. It considers the building's current energy requirements and your electricity production. Charging management pays off: load peaks are smoothed out, and installation overloading is prevented. The charging management

Perfectly tailored to your needs

Load management for every grid connection size

The ecoChargingCoach takes over all charging points' demand and consumption-oriented control, thus avoiding expanding the building grid connection. Which saves you time and money.

Open to technology and future-proof

The ecoChargingCoach is compatible with standard charging stations, plug connections, and corresponding management and billing solutions. The system is also expandable and future-proof.

Private and semi-public infrastructures

The ecoChargingCoach controls both private and multi-use charging stations. It enables fair and transparent billing of electricity costs based on consumption data.

The ecoChargingCoach is compatible with the following manufacturers

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Charge management
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Charge management
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Charge management
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Customized charging concepts

You can count on our expertise. Your customized concept optimally addresses the mobility profiles and requirements of building owners, guests, employees and tenants.

This means you know precisely what infrastructure you need and at what level of expansion. We show you how to integrate charging stations into your building, taking into account the grid infrastructure and load profile, whether in combination with PV systems, electricity storage systems, or billing systems. You gain planning security and cost transparency thanks to a separate project budget. Operation is also simplified: even before installation, you have maintenance and periodic billing information. So, it's clear that everything starts with a coherent concept.

Technical data ecoChargingCoach



  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus UDP
  • Ethernet switch, 6 ports
Measuring transformer connections for transformer measurement of
  • House connection point
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Charge management
  • Power connection monitoring
  • Export of consumption data in CSV format
  • Licensing/software subscriptions
  • Future connection to third-party backend billing system
Monitoring of
  • Consumption of the charging stations
  • Energy flows in buildings
  • Production of the photovoltaic system
Integration of
  • Controllable charging stations
  • Non-regulatable charging stations

ABB, Alfen, Heidelberg, KEBA, Mennekes, Wallbe, Weidmüller, others available on request

Optional interfaces
  • Modbus RTU / RS485
  • Ethernet switch, 8 ports
  • Digital input, 8 channel
Instrument transformer connections for transformer measurements of
  • Electromobility sub-distribution
Optional interfaces energy management
  • Floating contact / SG Ready, 2-channel
  • 0-10 V signal (analogue output)
  • PT 1000 input, 4-channel
  • Digital output 24 V DC, 8-channel
  • Digital input, 8-channel
  • M-Bus; rated current: max. 40 standard loads with 1.5mA each
Interfaces for billing systems via APO & OCPP
  • egonline (CH)
  • (CH)
  • eCarUp (CH)
  • chargecloud (D, CH, EU)
  • Plugsurfing (D, EU)
  • Implementation of further interfaces possible on request

ISO 50001 Energy Management Ready


Get your charging infrastructure concept now!

Mobility needs are individual, as is the right charging infrastructure. The ecoChargingCoach, therefore, starts with a customized concept. This includes a situation and needs analysis, recommendations for procurement and installation, and information on operation and maintenance.

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FAQs - Frequently asked questions

The ecoChargingCoach is an efficient charging management system for charging stations. ecocoach AG endeavours to ensure that it is manufacturer-independent and compatible with various charging stations. 

In addition, the ecoChargingCoach can be expanded with the energy management system, the ecoEnergyCoach. The ecoEnergyCoach controls energy producers and consumers in buildings around the clock. This ensures that you can use the electricity you produce and have to feed less to the grid operator.

The ecoChargingCoach is compatible with the charging stations of the manufacturers listed on the compatibility list, including ABB, Heidelberg, Weidmüller, and many more.

With the current PLC control system from Beckhoff, 30 charging stations can be controlled and charged simultaneously. Larger projects are possible by arrangement.

It is recommended that a dynamic charging management system be used for two or more charging stations to ideally distribute the available charging power to the charging points. This is the only way to ensure simultaneous charging.

A lack of charging management can lead to the power not being optimally distributed and overloading the fuse.

There are support measures in Switzerland, but these vary from canton to canton and municipality to municipality.

This list shows which support measures apply in Switzerland. It is not exhaustive, and the information provided is not guaranteed.

Our reference customers and reference projects make the future of energy tangible

Charging management

Electric lorry in action: Fast charging on a rubbish collection tour

The REAL association of municipalities operates the largest electric refuse collection fleet in Central Switzerland with a focus on efficient charging and load management for a prioritised supply mandate.
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Electric lorry in action: Fast charging on a rubbish collection tour

Sustainable timber construction with PV, battery storage and energy management

Operating a cheese dairy sustainably & safely with battery storage, PV and energy management

 Public fast-charging park Freiburg

Turnkey e-mobility charging solution

Agricultural business saves energy costs with battery storage

Cross-area control of energy, e-mobility & smart home

All-in-one: battery storage, energy management and automation from a single source

Optimising a substation's own requirements

Flussansicht mit Wasserwerk der Überbauung "am Aawasser" mit ecocoach AG

Independent, CO2-neutral and renewable energy supply

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